Drivers Licence

Driving-licence-medicalAre you applying for your driver’s licence and need to have an eye test done?
Do you feel like you need glasses?
Do you have trouble or discomfort while driving or watching the television?

Vision is the most important source of information when driving, so visual assessment for driving is a major public health issue. If you are applying for your very first driving licence you must submit an eyesight report with your application.
The Keogh Practice provides eye tests at very competitive prices. Having an eye test is a vital part of your health care. If you are experiencing difficulty making out things far or close from you, you may need to consult a doctor. You should have your eyes tested regularly, every two years being the longest time to allow elapse. At The Keogh Practice our eye tests are always through and professional.

Driving Licence

  • Eye sight reports for group 1 vehicles (cars).
  • Medical reports for group 2 vehicles (trucks).
  • Medical reports for all drivers over 70.
  • All reports and examinations by a doctor.

For those who need an eye test for the purpose of a driving test, please download this form and take into the practice closest to you and we will be happy to help you.Click here