Medicolegal Reports

Medicolegal ReportsWe are requested to write a medico-legal report for any number of reasons. Form personal injuries and insurance claims to family and occupational law. At The Keogh Practice we have extensive experience in this field and are guided by our principals.

Our principals are as follows:

  • Patient confidentiality is essential
  • We recognise it is important that reports are produced quickly to avoid causing delay
  • In reporting we ensure a detailed, factual account of the situation, based on the medical records and our knowledge of the patient
  • We ensure the report is easy to read by presenting information in a straightforward manner.
  • Where possible we will write any medical terms in our report out in full.
  • Upon request we will include the medical notes with your report
  • We make sure that everything in the report is honest, accurate, before signing it off
  • We Keep a copy of the report for patients own records, in case they are needed in future again

If a medical report is needed for any reason we are more than happy to oblige and help take the anxiety and stress out of this portion of the process. Contact us today for more information.