Paternity Testing

Paternity Testing

DNA / Paternity Testing

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the chemical that is found in the nucleus of the cells in our body. What it does is makes copies of itself so that dividing cells can pass on the same information, this DNA is then passed down to one generation from another.

The Keogh Practice can provide DNA testing service that is confidential, affordable and accurate. We have clinics located throughout Waterford to make the whole process as convenient as possible for all parties involved in the DNA/Paternity testing process. The procedure is non-invasive and can be carried out very quickly.

How Does it Work?

Paternity testing works by taking the DNA of the child in question and the alleged father and mother. The medical personnel will then comparing them using the DNA obtained by all parties involved. The test will determine whether or not the child’s DNA is inherited from the alleged father. This test is very accurate and will show a result of 99.999% in many cases.

Can I do an Online Paternity Test?

Court admissible paternity services require a Chain of Custody to be maintained, meaning that DNA samples must be taken by a qualified medical practitioner. Photo ID is obtained from all parties and the samples are then sealed and sent off to the relevant laboratory for testing. Results are then sent to the parties involved or their designated legal representatives.

If you require testing for this reason, we suggest you seek profession help in obtaining accurate paternity testing.