VasectomyA vasectomy is a surgical procedure that is carried out on males who wish to become sterile. A Vasectomy is a great alternative to long- term contraception options for couples.

At The Keogh Practice we use the most up to date World Health Organisation recommended ‘No scalpel Technique’. This is the preferred technique as it is less a invasive procedure compared to other traditional methods. This has a direct effect on the healing process also and males can return to work just days after the procedure.

Patients are seen initially for a full assessment and advice to find out if this is the option for you. There is a cooling off period where patients consider all options and decide themselves if this is the choice for them.

The procedure is done where possible on the time and day of their choosing. The whole procedure visit takes about an hour, it is performed under local anaesthetic but medication to relax can be given at patient request. We usually recommend you take the next day off work.


The vasa deferentia of a man is severed during the procedure and is then tied/ sealed in a manner to prevent sperm from entering the seminal stream. The process takes approx. 15 minutes and provides you with the most effective form of contraception available today.

An example of how procedure is preformed may be found on YouTube click here


If you have an up to date Medical card the proceedure is covered and you will have no Fee charged

Private fee is € 540 (of which 20% is tax-redemable with a Med 1 form, form supplied on the day)
This fee includes- inital consultantion, Proceedure itself and follow up consultation.

Advantages are

  • Effective 99.9%
  • No effect on Hormones or sex drive
  • Alternative to female hormone based contraception
  • Quick and safe

Disadvantages are

  • No protection against sexually transmitted disease
  • No reversal
  • 16-18 weeks semen analysis to ensure clear.

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