Insurance Medical

Insurance-MedicalInsurance medicals are generally specified by your insurance company and usually they will have a specific form to be filled out with further tests occasionally requested. In certain circumstances such as your age combined with the amount of cover you applied for may result in your insurance company to ask you to attend an independent doctor for a medical exam.
The doctor, experienced at doing examinations for the insurance industry, will be chosen by the insurance company.
Your insurance company may require this form before they will issue life assurance or it may use to ensure you get best possible quote for your proposed policy.
There is usually a specific section for you as the patient to fill in with regard you medical history and often family history. The requirement of specific tests depends on the type of policy you are applying for.

A standard medical may include some or all of the following tests

Questionnaire about your personal and family medical history

Physical Examination Includes

  • Height
  • Weight
  • BMI
  • Blood pressure
  • Lung function
  • General Medical Exam

Blood Tests

  • Blood biochemistry including Cholesterol Level, Blood Sugar Level, Liver Function Tests (LFT’s), Kidney Function etc.
  • HIV blood test

Lung Function

Lung Function Test
Heart Assessment – Resting ECG

The Stress Testing

Stress Test ECG– which will take 30-40 – treadmill walking /running while recording hearts response

Mouth Swabs

Mouth Swabs to confirm non smoker status

Important to remember all reports are confidential and only are issued on receipt of a signed consent form from the patient. For more information on any of the tests listed above please contact us today.